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Still Using Windows XP or SCSI Document Scanners?

Windows XP End of Support & Document Scanner Compatibility | ProConversionsAs of April 2014, Windows XP is no longer supported. If you’re still using it, along with SCSI document scanners, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise the next time you need service, a new scanner or there is an upgrade to your document capture software.

Don’t Let the Dominoes Fall…

When a new scanner or capture software needs to be installed, it’s unlikely to work or at least be supported on Windows XP. This will require you to upgrade the operating system on the workstation(s) to Windows 7 or 8. If you’re using old SCSI scanners, they will not work with Windows 7/8, so you would have to replace the scanner(s) and possibly upgrade the workstation as well to accommodate for 32-bit and faster scanning speeds (i.e. more RAM). What you want to avoid is having to do this in a pinch.

Get an Onsite Document Scanning Evaluation

ProConversions will help you get to a better place. We will come onsite to:

  • Evaluate your document scanning hardware, capture software, drivers, operating system, and workstation
  • Recommend what needs to be replaced moving forward and when so you can plan/budget accordingly
  • Identify any and all scanner vendor rebates, trade-ins and other incentives to defray any new hardware costs
  • If you need help implementing any of the above, we can create a proposal to cover all of your hardware, software and implementation/integration needs

Contact us for an onsite document imaging evaluation today

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ProConversions Earns Kodak Alaris “Most Creative Performance” Award

A Word from Our President

Kodak Alaris Software from ProConversionsAt the Kodak Alaris 2014 Annual Partner Conference, ProConversions earned the 2013 “Most Creative Performance” Award in Production Scanners. I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet with Dolores Kruchten, Russell Hunt, Sophia Marchi, and Ralf Gerbershagen, and honored to win this award. I believe the current Kodak Alaris management team is the best core group of executives in the industry and if they bear down right now, they have an opportunity to do it right the first time. As a billion dollar start-up, the Kodak executive team is eliminating red tape and obstacles to the channels success.

I will deliver on my commitment to grow ProConversions Corp around Kodak solutions over the coming years and we’re making investments now that will allow us to be the go to full solutions provider for Kodak Software & Professional Services for many years to come. Thank you again for the exciting and content-packed Kodak Alaris Partner Conference and I look forward to the launch of the new Kodak Alaris logo and business branding. The new name, “Connected Intelligence,” aligns very well with what we’re trying to accomplish here at ProConversions.

ProConversions Wins Kodak Alaris Production Scanning Award ProConversions Wins Kodak Alaris Production Scanning Award

Other Kodak Alaris Conference Highlights

  • The Kodak SCANMATE i1150 is launched: a scanner designed for customer-facing situations where an employee needs to quickly and efficiently scan documents and ID cards as part of a business process using transaction mode” which boosts the scanner’s performance by 60% for the first 10 pages, equating to 40 pages per minute (PPM)
  • The Kodak i3250 and i3450 are launched: scanners with an integrated book-edge A4 flatbed designed to handle all kinds of exception documents, including book pages, passports, folders, and fragile documents
  • Kodak Info Input is launched: a browser-based capture application that minimizes costs associated with proprietary capture solutions, while being secure, scalable, centrally managed, and easily deployed and supported
  • Other new Kodak scanners: we also got the scoop on the new Kodak i1580 as well as next generation i4000 and i5000 series scanners

Contact us to learn more about new Kodak Alaris scanners and software

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EMC AX and SalesForce Integration

SalesForce Integration from ProConversionsDo you have clients that use SalesForce? Are they trying to determine if EMC ApplicationXtender will be part of the SalesForce solution? Or are there drumbeats about replacing AX with SalesForce?

You have an excellent opportunity to further entrench AX with the client by integrating ApplicationXtender with SalesForce.

We have successfully completed a Proof of Concept (POC) integrating ApplicationXtender with SalesForce. This POC was based on us setting up a SalesForce environment and then demonstrating these features from SalesForce:

  • Select a button to retrieval AX Documents against the account being displayed in SalesForce
  • Select a different button to retrieval a subset (compliance related) AX documents against the account being displayed in SalesForce
  • Save a record into AX and auto populate the indexes based on the values in SalesForce

Contact ProConversions to learn more about integrating SalesForce with ApplicationXtender

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U.K. Kodak Pension Plan Completes Acquisition of Eastman Kodak Company’s Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging Business

U.K. Kodak Pension Plan Completes Acquisition of Eastman Kodak Company's Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging BusinessKPP Creates Kodak Alaris to Ensure Long-Term Growth of Valuable Businesses

I wanted to take a moment to update you on yesterday’s exciting announcement regarding KPP’s finalization of their acquisition of the Kodak Document Imaging Business. The new company, headed by Doloris Kruchten as President, will operate under the name Kodak Alaris’ Document Imaging Business.

For those of us who have been committed to the long term success of the Kodak Document Imaging Business, the completion of this transition provides a new beginning for a company that has been the benchmark of innovation in the document imaging market for over 80 years.

With this new beginning, quoting Dolores Kruchten, we can expect, “a more dynamic company focused on improved innovation, faster time to market, even stronger customer service and sustainable, profitable growth.”

On behalf of ProConversions Corp and Kodak, I would like to thank all of you for your support during this transition. This has been a long process, but I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The transition to Kodak Alaris’ has been seamless and we could not have wished for a better outcome. I look forward to working with you and the Kodak Alaris’ Document Imaging organization for many successful years to come.

Best regards,

Michael Gaudino
ProConversions Corporation

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New York City Union Chooses ProConversions to Automate Claims Processing Document Management

Union Medical Claims Processing from ProConversions

ProConversions Corp. is pleased to announce that it has completed the sale of an end-to-end document management solution to a high profile labor union retirement and health administration fund located in New York City. After implementation, the solution will automate medical claim processing and position the organization to adjust to upcoming healthcare legislation, saving the organization thousands in administrative costs. Learn more

Contact us to learn more about medical claims processing or other solutions

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