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EMC AX and SalesForce Integration

SalesForce Integration from ProConversionsDo you have clients that use SalesForce? Are they trying to determine if EMC ApplicationXtender will be part of the SalesForce solution? Or are there drumbeats about replacing AX with SalesForce?

You have an excellent opportunity to further entrench AX with the client by integrating ApplicationXtender with SalesForce.

We have successfully completed a Proof of Concept (POC) integrating ApplicationXtender with SalesForce. This POC was based on us setting up a SalesForce environment and then demonstrating these features from SalesForce:

  • Select a button to retrieval AX Documents against the account being displayed in SalesForce
  • Select a different button to retrieval a subset (compliance related) AX documents against the account being displayed in SalesForce
  • Save a record into AX and auto populate the indexes based on the values in SalesForce

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